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About DUON-portal

The DUON portal is the central information and print material delivery solution in Germany. The use of it is free for advertising clients and service providers. After registration and login, you will receive up-to-date and binding technical specifications for numerous print media. In addition, you can check and deliver print materials as PDF files through the portal.


DUON Support

For any inquiries, please contact:

+49 40 37 41 17 50

Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM



Quick Start Guide

Please choose your language in the menu.



I. Register & Sign up

To use the DUON portal, you need to register once at https://duon-portal.de/register.

  1. Please fill in all the mandatory fields.
  2. Afterward, you will receive an email to confirm your identity with an activation link. Please follow the link.
  3. Once activated, you can log in at https://duon-portal.de/auth using your email address and the password you chose.

If you encounter an error during registration, please check if you already have an account registered with that email address. You can reset your password if needed.


II. Selecting a medium and issue

1. Enter the name of the booked medium in the media search field located in the middle of the homepage, followed by pressing ENTER. A partial name is sufficient.


2. After entering the name, you will be directed to the media page where you will see the search results for your keyword. Here, for example, are the search results for entering "SPIEGEL."

3. To choose the desired issue, select the booked issue under "Ausgabe/Termin" (issue/date). Pay attention to the correct issue and publication date (ET). The provided deadline for submitting print materials (DU) is an official date. If you cannot find the booked issue, please contact support.




III Dispatch Order / Job

In a "dispatch order," multiple "jobs" for different media, issues, and formats can be sent. Please note that jobs within a shipping order must be sent simultaneously and all jobs must pass the inspection.


  • ADVERTING CLIENT:Name of the advertiser or company whose services/products are being promoted with the advertisement.
  • ADVERTISED PROCUKT: Please enter an appropriate designation for the advertised product/category/brand here. This field is used for differentiation purposes for major clients.
  • COMMENTS (optional): Message to the publisher(s). The remark applies to all jobs in the shipping order.

2. JOB

Your selection of the medium and issue has been accepted.

  • FORMAT:Please select a format from the list. Unless otherwise specified, it refers to the layout within the publication.
  • MOTIF:This field can be used for a motif number or name. Describing the motif helps publishers with identification.
  • COMMENTS (optional): Message to the publisher(s). The remark applies only to this job.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: After selecting the FORMAT, you can view all the technical specifications. The specifications can be found under the blue button on the left side of the selection boxes, below the format image..

CONTACT: Next to the cover image, you will find contact details for inquiries with the publisher. Some questions, such as regarding a later print material submission deadline, can only be answered by the publisher.



III Upload & Preflight

UPLOAD: Afterward, upload your print materials for the respective job. The job will be automatically saved and transferred to preflight upon upload.



PREFLIGHT: Immediately after the upload, the PREFLIGHT process starts. Your uploaded file will be analyzed. This usually takes no longer than 1 minute. The result will be displayed to you immediately after:

  • OK: There are no errors or warnings.
  • WARNING: Some properties do not meet the recommendations.
  • ERROR: Essential requirements are not met.

FILE ATTACHED: You can see the name of the attached file through the dropdown menu and download it again if needed.

VIEW PREFLIGHT RESULTS: Download one of the available reports from the dropdown menu. Tip: The layer report contains problematic objects in layers that you can toggle on/off in Acrobat.

UPLOAD NEW FILE: If necessary or required, you can upload a new file.




IV Approval & Dispatch

If the PDF contains no errors but only warnings, the file can be sent to the publisher using the GREEN AIRPLANE BUTTON.




Only if warnings have been issued, you can release the file at your own discretion. To do so, you must confirm the corresponding message when sending it with "RELEASE AND DISPATCH."


V Job List

You can find the dispatched jobs in the menu under JOBS/JOB LIST or directly at https://duon-portal.de/jobs.



hrough the ACTION menu, you can also VIEW the job even after dispatch. If necessary, you can update the sent materials by choosing REPLACE / UPDATE.






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