[EN] URL for Technical Specs not valid

Reasons for invalid URLs

Issue release withdrawn

In rare exceptions, it can happen at short notice that a certified package of technical information that applies to several issues is withdrawn by the publisher or marketer and re-certified. This can result in invalid URLs for brief moments.

Magazine not publicated / changed frequency of publication / changed publication dates (ET)

In rare cases, the mode of publication is changed, e.g. by changing the publication cycle. In individual cases, there may also be a change in the publication date (ET). The URLs apply per publication date (date). If this date changes, a URL may become invalid.

Medium discontinued or medium no longer at DUON

In rare cases, media are discontinued at short notice or they are deregistered from the DUON portal for certain reasons. You can look up whether a medium is still represented on the DUON portal in the media list by searching for the medium.


Use media search

If you encounter an invalid URL, use the media list. There you will always find all registered media with all registered issues. You will always find the technical specifications for the respective formats there.

Contact support

If you are unsure, please contact support.

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