[EN] Translations (e.g. Umschlag / Anschnitt)

Some terms in the database are in german language. Here is a small dictionary.



Umschlag Cover
Innenteil Inner part / Inner pages
Anschnitt Bleed
1/1 Anschnitt Inner Part Fullpage with bleed
1/1 Umschlag Anschnitt Cover Fullpage with bleed
1/2 halfpage
1/4 quarterpage
geklebt (gelumbeckt) Perfect binding
geheftet Saddle stiched
... Anschnitt, Hoch .... with bleed, vertical
... Anschnitt, Quer

... with Bleed, vertical

vom Versender nach Verlagsvorgabe durchzuführen

must be performed by vendor according to publishers requirements

2/1 Anschnitt über Bund

Double pages with bleed insinde the magazine

Anschnitt, über Bund, 2.US + S. 3

Opening Spread (Inside front cover + page 3)


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