[EN] Wrong or missing output intention

What is the output intention?

The output intention is the labeling of a PDF file by the creator of the file, which shows which output was set when creating the PDF. In other words, it shows which color scheme was intended for the PDF file. It is absolutely necessary to prepare the colors to the requirements of the printing of the magazine. If this is not done the printed ad may look different than originally intended.

What is the purpose of the output intent?

Originally the labeling was mandatory in the context of the manufacturing of media neutral PDFs in order to let the receiver know which profile has to be used for the color conversion. Because only when labeling the destination profile in combination with the proof profile a simulation can be done which will produce the same results for both parties.

Today the output intent primarily serves to show which color based models were used (for example deviceCMYK, deviceGrey). In addition the labeling is a significant indicator in order to find PDF files that have not been yet adapted to the required color scheme.

Where do I select the output intention?

The output intention can be selected in the joboptions menu (the export setting in Indesign or the Distiller Settings of Acrobat Distiller). Under the header „output“ in the box „name of output intention“ you can select the installed profiles.

If you want to find out which profile is required you can go to the DUON Info-area and look up the technical specifications of the magazine you need. There you will not only find the sizes, dates and proof profiles but also the color profile, which you can download.

Note: the additional boxes (name of output intent), (classification of output intent) and (register) can be left empty.

Please note that you not only have to select the output intent but also actually make sure to change all the colors into the required output – in other words change the files „into the profile“.


Use the pre-configured export-settings which you can find on www.duon-portal.de at „Help & Download“ > Joboptions. Every output intent has settings for the different output methods and PDF X-versions.



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