[EN] DUON-Joboptions (Settings for Distiller and Indesign Export)

What are Joboptions?

Joboptions are configuration settings which are being used when writing the pdf.

The right configuration of the settings in the export dialogue of Adobe Indesign (for example in the Adobe PDF settings in the Adobe Acrobat Distiller) ensures not only a non-conform pdf output according to the ISO-15930-norm (PDF/X) but also the best possible reproduction of your ad.

Where do I get the joboption?

You can create your own pdf-settings in Indesign or Acrobat. However we recommend that you use the DUON joptions which you can find under www.duon-portal.de under the header Support & Downloads free of charge.

Download free joboptions now (*.ZIP-Datei)

These settings are specifically adapted to the DUON conventions as well as the requirements of the DUON publishers with the goal of simplify the process of creating a pdf. These settings have proven themselves in the every day use and prevented numerous preflight errors.

How do I install the joboptions in Indesign?

Unpack the *.zip file with an appropriate tool. Make sure that you know which profile is required.

Open Adobe Indesign and the menu File> PDF Export Presets (or Adobe PDF Presets) > Define... and click on the button „load“ and choose the *.joboption file you want to install.

Repeat the process if you want to install more than one *.joboption-file and then click on the button Done.

You can then select the joboptions in the window-dialogue Export... (PDF).

How do I install the joboptions in the Acrobat Distiller (not recommended)?

Unpack the *.zip-file with the tool of your choice. To select the right joboption please look into the pdf Hinweise!

Open Acrobat Distiller. Drag the joboption you wish to install into the main distiller window.

Important notice

Although both Adobe Indesign and Adobe Acrobat Distiller use the *.joboption, in order to save the settings of the pdf conversions both use a different „dialect“. These different dialects can lead to non conform PDFs and therefore preflight errors. Please make absolutely sure where you install your files. The DUON joboptions are – depending on the program with which they were created – are labelled differently.

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