[EN] Use of Object compression

What is it all about?

Since PDF 1.5 some objects in pdf-files are allowed to compressed collectively. This technology is being used in this pdf version. However some pdf/x standards that are compatible with pdf 1.4 only allow for objects. Object overlapping compression therefore not allowed in the standard of the following pdf/x files:

  • ISO 15930-1 (PDF/X-1a:2001)
  • ISO 15930-3 (PDF/X-3:2002)
  • ISO 15930-4 (PDF/X-1a:2003)
  • ISO 15930-6 (PDF/X-3:2003)

An object overlapping compression is allowed in this pdf/x standard with pdf 1.5:

  • ISO 15930-7 (PDF/X-4 und PDF/X-4p)

It is known, that by exporting files from certain Indesign versions in combination with Adobe Joboptions problems can arise when the joboptions haven not been created with the version at hand – especially regarding Distiller joboption.

Furthermore it is known that the setting „Create Tagged PDF“ is influencing the Object Stream Compression. Therefore the following option in the PDF export settings dialogue should be deactivated:

How do I avoid this error?

We recommend to download the DUON joboptions which can be found on the site www.duon-portal.de under the left header Help & Download.

Please make sure that the setting „Create Tagged PDF“ is deactivated!

It is also possible to create files that are conform with ISO-15930-7 (PDF/X-4 und PDF/X-4p).

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