[EN] Use of the color "RGB"

What is it all about?

When printing an autotypical color mixture is being used which is based on a subtractive color model. When printing for magazines only component colors like Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y)und Key (K) are allowed to be used.

In the pdf which you uploaded objects (pictures, graphics, text, vector objects) where found which are based on the additive color model with the main colors red (R), green (G) and blue (B). This file cannot be used for printing.

What can you do?

You need to make sure that all objects used within the pdf have been converted into the correct color profile (please make sure to check the requirements of the magazine in advance). The conversion can roughly be described as the following:

Early Binding

When you use Early Binding a color conversion of the files takes place before they are being imbedded in the layout program. Graphics are also being converted in the illustration program, respectively created directly in the right profile as well as pictures being converted into the correct profile.

Intermediate Binding

There are a number of workflow possibilities. Apart from the OPI-workflow, which is slightly outdated, the neutral Intermediate workflow is most common. In it picture data, which could be in RGB, is being converted into the required profile.

Late Binding

Late binding stands for a late color conversion. Usually this means the conversion of the data in the Raster Image Processor of the printer. But because this workflow contains too many irregular variables and not every printer is capable of this, a media neutral delivery to DUON is forbidden. Also conversions which take place through a color server or document server are being called Late Binding.

Possible errors!

Not sufficient knowledge and faulty use of color management are the most common errors in publishing. Because of the multiple models and technical methods available specific advice is only useful when given on an individual basis.

We recommend to continually stay up to date with all developments in color management. In case you need help feel free to contact us. We offer seminars and individual coachings for a successful color management.

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