[EN] Trim and bleed box problems (QuarkXPress)

What is it about?

The problem is that a regular configurated distiller cannot generate a trimbox out of a QuarkXPress 6.5 PostScript file. This has to with Quark having changed the PostScript-Code regarding bleed and therefore the Idiom Recognition of the trimbox generator within the distiller doesn’t work.


There are two solutions for this:

Solution one

You write a Postscript File via the PDF Export within QuarkXPress. In doing so the integrated JAWS PDF Creator Library to create PostScript files is being used. This PostScript can be interpreted with the distiller.


  1. Close all documents in QXP
  2. QXP > File > preferences > program > PDF > Postscript file for later distilling – click on it and then OK.
  3. Open QXP file and then the File > Export > Layout as PDF
  4. Chose PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-3 in the savings dialogue and make the necessary selections in the box „Options“. Pay special attention to bleed and Schnittmarken. Finally press OK.
  5. Distill the new PS-file.

Solution two

  • QXP-Plugin MediaBoxXT (Jo Lauterbach)
  • Printer Marks Patch (Impressed)



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