[EN] File format is not according to the conventions of the DUON-Portal (GTS-Tag is missing, no PDF/X)

What´s it all about

The publisher that accept ads through the DUON portal have agreed to work with the PDF X-standard.

PDF/X contains different standards that have been defined by the International Organization for Standardization. These define the parameters of a PDF file in order to enable a realistic printing result.

Through PDF/X a portion of the Portable Document Format (PDF) is being standardized which corresponds to the quality of the printing. Elements which can influence the predictablility of the printing result as well as not be printed (video and audio) are being omitted.

In addition to that precise specifications are made which are necessary for the printer like bleed, profile or fonts. It is the aim of the standardiziation to avoid or at least to minimize problems between files created by DTP and graphic software and printers.

All parties benefit from an predictable and uncomplicated workflow by raising the quality of the printed ads and therefore lesser complaints.

What do I need to do?

Working with PDF/X is fairly simple. We recommend to read into the standardiziation.

The current DTP software contains methods which automatically create the fitting pdf file.

All you have to do is to use the appropriate joboptions.

Where do I get the joboptions?

You can create your own in the PDF settings in Indesign or Acrobat. However, we recommed using the DUON jobtoptions which you can download on www.duon-portal.de in the area „Help & Download“ for free.

Download Joboptions (*.ZIP-File)

These settings are adapted to the PDF standardiziations and the demands of the publishers. The settings have proved successfull in avoiding errors.

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