[EN] How to use registered colors

About registered colors

There is a special color to display special elements like

  • Trim Marks
  • Bleed Marks
  • Register Marks
  • Color Control Strip
  • Page information

They are called differently according to their use: ”All”, ”Registered Color” oder ”Registered Color Area”.

The registered colors are usually displayed as black, which is a result of cyan, magenta, yellow and black merging into a black tone.

This leads to the misunderstanding that it is the actual color black (which only shows up on the k-printing). Since it often happens that graphic designers use registered colors unwittingly the DUON portal checks this.

Within the preflight check all elements of the PDF are being checked and there will be an error if an registered color is being found.

Do I need elements in the registered color area?

No. Within the context of the ads that are being sent through the DUON portal these technical parameters have no significance any longer.

  • The „digital“ trimbox substitutes the trim marks
  • The „digital“ bleed box substitutes the bleed marks
  • The assembly happens digitally, whereby the registration marks would only be relevant when the pages are being finally prepared through the printer.
  • The color communication is based on ICC profiles. Should you need a color control strip because of a proof these will be added by the proof software automatically.
  • Page information is unnecessary and will be replaced by meta-information.

We therefore recommend not to use any of the above mentioned. The use of them is optionally allowed as long as the colors aren’t outside the bleed box.

How do I find out where mistakes are hidden?

The search for registered elements can be tricky.

Output Preview

Open the Output Preview in Adobe Professional (in newer versions you’ll find it Tools> Print Production > Output Preview).

Now choose Show > Register Colors. After that you’ll see all the objects that contain registered colors.

Show the trim and bleed box

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether an object is running into the bleed area or not. In order to clarify this you can let Acrobat show the trim and bleed box in color. This view can be selected in the preflight window.

These are not always designed objects. Sometimes also Schnittzeichen, Beschnittbereichsmarkierungen, Montagekreuze or Farbbalken go into the bleed area.

After that a window opens where you can make the necessary selections.

How do I avoid problems?

Use the DUON joboptions. These joboptions contain enough Offset of bleed or trimmarks to the bleed area.

You can also use your own joboptions. Please make sure to use at least 5mm offset for marks. In doing so you avoid that marks (which you could select to the left) are showing in the bleed area.



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