[EN] How to use multiple master fonts

What´s it all about

It is not allowed to use multiple master fonts in DUON, because this format can cause problems on Belichter RIPs (Raster Image Processor).

What to do?

Use a font which is not available in the MM font format and use a different (similar) font.The last possible solution would be to convert the text into vector paths. This, however, is only to be viewed as a last possible resort since important font information (so called hints) are being lost.


Multiple master fonts are a variation of the postscript type1 format. They have the additon MM within their name.

In contrast to the usual cuts of a font (for example regular, cursive, bold and bold cursive) multiple master fonts offer the possibility to generate any number of variations.



Which characteristics are modifiable depends on the font – typical is line width, size of the letter and optical size. Some fonts are also able to generate a blend of serif and grotesk. The user can manipulate the characteristics and generate a Schriftart-Instanz, which can be implented into the graphic program like regular font.

The multiple master technology offered the possibility of fine tuning the font to a high degree which was especially useful in the table layout.

Multiple master fonts are currently not being developed further by Adobe, contain a certain significance as a flexible font. In Mac OS X multiple master fonts are being supported, however one cannot generate any number of variatons any longer.


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